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Easy mulled wine recipe

Submitted by Bodrum Bulletin reader Ros Elliott-Özlek

Wintry days feel brighter accompanied by a large glass or mug of mulled wine/sıcak şarap​.


  • 1 bottle red wine
  • 1 bottle red wine
  • cloves/karanfil
  • cinnamon/tarçin
  • a cup (or less) of sugar
  • apple peel
  • oranges or satsumas
  • lemon.


Dairy free Indian Chai recipe

Submitted by Bodrum Bulletin reader Ros Elliott-Özlek

This dairy free Indian Chai recipe is adapted from Nature works (www.natureworks.net)

It is  ayurvedic, using Cardamom/Kakule, Ginger/zencefil, Cinnamon/Tarçin, Turmeric/Zerdeçal, Cloves/karanfil and black tea with almond/badem milk (made by soaking 1 cup of unsalted raw almonds overnight in the fridge in a mug of water, then blending the result next morning; purists will discard soaked water and use fresh to blend the softened nuts in; ultra-purists would also remove the skins after soaking and strain the blended mix too.)


Q231: Where to get Christmas food items

Q231: Can anyone advise the best place to buy all Christmas type food stuffs i.e.  Turkey, Christmas pudding, parsnips, cranberry sauce, mince pies etc...?

A231: For a Turkey try a local butchers, but you may have problem finding a small one! For other items you can try MacroCenter or Metro. There is a also a shop in Turgutreis which caters for a lot of ex-pat food items - perhaps they can help.

Q231: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Mince Pies

For those of us who really yearn for a traditional mince pie during this festive season, here is Tina Caba's recipe for homemade mincemeat. She also makes the pastry fr the pies out of a modified bread dough recipe, and the results are delicious.

This recipe is simple, and uses healthy, local Turkish ingredients.

(It is adapted from the one in Popular Cookery, a book compiled by the Good Housekeeping Institute in the UK and reprinted ten times between 1949 and 1963. My copy dates from 1963, and was the first cooking book I ever owned. I was nineteen then, and I am still using it today.)


Tips for Cappadoccia

Submitted by Bodrum Bulletin reader Ros Elliott-Özlek

I am sure most of you have visited Cappadoccia, like myself, but this time we went to see our friend who teaches English to would-be English teachers at the university there. She also happens to be a registered tour guide.

Despite having toured the area frequently in the 1990s, I still learned a couple of new things and saw places I had never made time for before.

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