Turkish Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is payable in Turkey for all properties sold within 5 years of the date on the property TAPU. It is due regardless of whether the property is the only property you hold.

The calculator below is provided to give you a ball-park figure of the CGT due on your property in Turkey. Please eneter your property information in the first three boxes below, the form will update automatically.

Calculator notes:

  • Figures provided are based on best-known information as of October 2011, we accept no responsibility for accuracy of the data. If you are aware of a mistake, or have better information regarding the calculations, we encourage you to get in contact with us so that we can improve the calculator.
  • The CGT is based on the declared TAPU vlaues - not the actual buying or selling price, which may differ from the declared value
  • The calculator provides estimated values only
  • The calculator is based on the assumption that the named TAPU holders do not pay any income tax in Turkey

Bodrum Bulletin Turkish Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Property Information
* Current TAPU Value
* Selling TAPU Value
* Number of names on current TAPU
Profit and Tax Allowances
Profit from sale
Tax free allowance per person
Total Tax free allowance
Total Taxable profit
Taxable profit per person
Tax per person:
Tax at 15% (0-9,400TL)
Tax at 20% (9,401-23,000TL)
Tax at 27% (23,001-80,000TL)
Tax at 35% (80,001+ TL
Tax Due
Tax Due per Person
Total Tax Due

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