e-Deposit Interest Calculator

This calculator will give you an indication of the expected return on savings which you have invested in an deposit account.

Turkish savings accounts can be very different to other savings accounts, for information on how Turkish e-Deposit accounts work, read the article HERE.

e-Deposit Details:

Initial Amount:
enter the total amount you wish to invest.
Interest Rate (%):
enter the appropriate interest rate.
e-Deposit term (days):
enter the number of days which the money will be tied up for.

Important Notes:

  • Tax element is calculated at 15% of interest earnt.
  • Tax is usually taken automatically at source (i.e. the bank automatically deducts it)
  • The graph provides a rough estimate only, assuming that you re-invest for the same term, at the same rate


Gross Total at end of term:
the grand total

Gross Interest at end of term:
the breakdown of the total interest earnt

Total Tax element at end of term:
the amount of tax you pay
Net Interest at end of term:
the amount of interest you receive after tax
Net Total at end of term:
the total money you have after the term

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