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UPDATE: January 2014

For visits to Turkey after 2013 we advise that you do not use this calculator, instead for EACH date you LEAVE Turkey count backwards 180 days and ask yourself; "am I in Turkey for 90 days in this period?". If the answer is "yes", you will be overstaying your visa and should either; 1. revise your travel dates or 2. expect a fine when you leave Turkey or 3. apply for a residency permit. For more information please see Important: Tourist Visa Update

The "90 days in 180 days" tourist visa has now been introduced for all tourist visits entering Turkey after February 2012. This visa affects tourists arriving from 63 different countries into Turkey. The visa rules close the loop-hole allowing back-to-back visa renewal runs for peopel wishing to stay for longer than 90 days in Turkey. The new 90/180 limits bring the tourist visa in line with the basic rules for a Schengen visa. For information about these changes, see our article HERE.

If you're still struggling to comprehend the rules and whether it will affect you, then the following Turkish Visa calculator will help you identify whether your visit to Turkey can be accomplished by using a Tourist Visa, or whether you will need to apply for Turkish Residency.

Simply enter the dates of travel (in a one year period), and our calculator will do the rest!

NEW April 2013; apply for your tourist visa online HERE!

Entry Date Exit Date Trip Duration
Visit to Turkey 1: --
Visit to Turkey 2: --
Visit to Turkey 3: --
Visit to Turkey 4: --
Visit to Turkey 5: --
Total Duration: --

Tourist Visa Information;

Start Date Visa End Date Days in Turkey
Tourist Visa #1: -- -- --
Tourist Visa #2: -- -- --

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This calculator is provided based on information sourced by the Bodrum Bulletin, our standard disclaimer applies. Great care should be taken when travelling close to expiry and renewal dates. If in doubt, please seek further advice from your embassy.

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