Wishing Trees

This feature comes from reader Jan Ozay

Dilek Agaci or wishing trees have a long history in Turkish folklore & mythology. You can see them all over Turkey - easily recognisable by their many colourful pieces of cloth & scarves tied around their branches in rural areas.

Traditionally it is the young single girls of marriagable age who would go there to make a wish - usually for a handsome husband, by tying their scarves around the branches while making their wish. The practice itself is not a part of Islamic culture.

There is a wishing tree just beyond Dörttepe Köyü on the main road to Milas  - it is beside the grave of Hacar Dede, a Dervish, and one of the followers of Mevlana/

If you want your wishes to come true , give it a try.....

Wishing Tree