Turkish Residence Permit application process for Bodrum

Residents permit application form The information below is correct as of April 2013 and is applicable for Residency Permit applications for applications in or around Bodrum only, it has been compiled and updated with help from reader Martin.

If you are aware of any changes, corrections or improvements to this process, please let us know so we can share the changes!

Check List;

  • Tax Number
    If you don't have this, you go to the Tax office - Vergi Dairesi - (map) on the dual carriageway by the Gumbet roundabout, just up from the main Garanti Bank office. You will need to show your passport, with 2 colour photocopies of the photo page & last entry stamp page. They will then give you your tax number.

  • Passport Photos
    Four passport sized photos (5 if it's your first application), can be obtained from any photo shop. Cost: around 15TL for 8 pictures

  • Passport
    Your original passport and a colour copy of the picture page, and a copy of your last Turkish entry stamp page.

  • Proof of address - Updated April 2013
    • If you own your house; your original TAPU and 1 colour photocopy. Note: this must be stamped at the Tapu Office (found downstairs in the municipality office - map). Cost: 0TL.
    • If you are renting; rental agreement and copies of all pages. Note: Rental agreements must be notarised at a local Notary. Cost: around 65TL.
    • If you do not have a TAPU in your name, or you do not have a rental agreement, you should get a confirmation of address letter from your local Muhtar.

  • Application form (İkamet Beyanname Formu)
    This form must be completed electronically and may not be hand written, it should be printed in colour and double-sided. You can download it as an Excel document HERE (, or HERE ( (Note: if you don't see the form as shown below, ensure you click the "Ön Yüz" tab at the bottom left).Residents permit application form You can also visit the nearby Marina Internet Cafe (found on Ataturk street, down the alley beside Deniz Bank), where they offer a service to help you fill out and print your form.

  • Proof of income
    You will need to show an original statement (dated within 24 hours of your application), and leave one photocopy. Print-outs from the internet are accepted as long as they have been stamped at your bank. Your statements should be from a Turkish bank (although supplemental amounts shown from non-Turkish banks will be taken into consideration). In Bodurm the amount required is $1,000 (or equivalent) per month for the duration of the application. This is the official figure from Note: other areas of Turkey require less, the higher amount is justified by the Bodrum police due to Bodrum's higher cost of living.

  • Existing Residency Book
    If you are renewing, you must leave your residency book together with a photocopy of pages 2&3, 4&5 and a copy of the last stamped page.

  • Money
    • Residency currently costs are currently around 125TL per year, but this figure will vary depending on daily exchange rates, this fee can be made at either the Ziraat bank or at the Tax office (map)
    • Blue book
      • If it is your first application you will need to pay for your blue residency book (currently 198TL). Note: that this payment can only be made at the Ziraat bank.
      • If you are renewing your residency, you will not need to pay the 198TL (unless you have run out of pages).
  • Ikamet Letter - Updated April 2013 - no longer required!


Take all of these items to the customs (Gümrük) office near Bodrum castle (map). If all the paperwork is in order, they will give you a slip of paper to take to the Ziraat Bank (map), or the Tax Office (if you are not purchasing a blue book) to pay for your permit. Note: that queues in the Ziraat bank can be horrendous; queuing for 2 hours is not uncommon (and don't forget their lunch break is 12.30-1.30), if you can time it right you can start by taking a ticket (ask the security guard for which buttons to press to get the correct ticket), before your first visit to the Gümrük, alternatively pay at the tax office.

Once you have paid, head back to the customs (Gümrük) office and show your receipt. They will double check your paperwork.

Most importantly, be aware that you sign a sheet of paper in the polis office, stating that you cannot leave Turkey while your application is being processed. When your permit is ready you will be sent an SMS to your Turkish phone (so make sure you have a number to give them). Note: If you do not collect your residency within one month your request may be deleted.