Obtaining a Turkish Driving license

Driving License

The following article has been kindly submitted by reader Claire Miles, and details how to get a Turkish Driver’s Licence in July 2012 using a GB driver’s licence. The nature of paperwork and proceedures in Bodrum mean that this article is not an exhaustive step-by-step guide, but an excellent guide and insight into what's involved.


  • 4 passport style photos
  • 670.60TL CASH; everything is paid for in Turkish lira cash
  • Plastic card form of UK driver’s licence
  • Residency permit (ikamet)
  • Residency permit photocopy
  • Yabanci kimlik number
  • Turkish tax number
  • UK passport
  • Wet wipe!
  • Fluent Turkish-speaking assistant
  • Driving glasses if you wear them
  • A folder to contain several documents
  • Your mobile phone number

Offices and sites visited, in order of actions taken:

  1. Trafik Takip 64B Eski Hukumet Sk. Carsi mh.
    Where: This is located behind the car park next to central Bodrum municipal offices.
    Take your driving licence to a traffic police office for a check on your licence. This takes only a few minutes and your licence is handed back to you.  If there is no problem, you can begin applying for your Turkish licence

  2. Noter
    Where: various locations, but we chose No 2 which is near fish market in Bodrum, upstairs above teahouse.
    When the translator is free give them driver’s licence to be translated and notarised.

  3. Ozel Hospital
    Have a photo ready...
    First your hearing is tested. This consists of visual examination of the ear.  Then hearing is tested. It all takes about five minutes.
    Then you go to the cashier at reception to pay for the tests. Pay 100TL
    Then you are taken to the adjacent building to see the ophthalmologist for a vision test.
    Back to the cashier to pay for the blood test, separate from payment for the other tests. Pay 16TL.
    Then you are taken to the basement to have your blood group tested. The tiny amount taken is on a slide. Within a few minutes you are given a printout and a small card which fits in your wallet with your blood group written on it. 
    At Ozel Hospital in total pay 116TL.

  4. Back to the Noter 
    to collect the translated and notarised license, and your original UK driver’s licence.  Pay 68.50TL.

  5. To Konacik/Bitez court. 
    Join a queue which stands outside the building in front of a hatch window on the left as you face the building. Hand in your kimlik number and your police record is checked. If you pass you are given a document to the effect you have no police record in Turkey which prevents you getting a driver’s licence. Pay 5TL.

  6. Tax Office
    Where: on dual carriageway past Oasis and Garanti bank and before the antique theatre.  Tax office is on the harbour side of the road and is below the road.
    At 4pm no more queueing tickets are issued, although the tax office stays open at least another hour to process the queue. We found 50 ahead of us in the queue but not all had waited for their turn. We waited about 20 – 30 minutes. We handed in tax number.
    We were charged 290.10TL each. 
    The next day we had to go back to the same tax office because they had not charged the correct amount. They thought another 60, then changed this to 70, and then changed this to 72 lira.  This was an additional 36 lira each.  Our original bill for one licence should have been 326.10TL.  As we fumbled for the final lira they offered to forgo this, but as the queue was again about 50 people we felt inclined to find the final lira, in case we had to come back....Should you find you are sent back a second time to the tax office, on the second visit go straight the cashier and ask her to help find the correct amount which you owe.  Then you do not queue.

  7. Trafik Takip for second visit
    Together with your dossier you are escorted to a traffic office on the far side of the car park, which is the:

  8. Trafik Tescil ve Denetleme Buro Amirliyi
    Your fingerprints are taken. Forms are filled in. Many fingers have been there before yours so you may want to wet-wipe them afterwards.  Ink is not used but the fingerprinting plate becomes a little sweaty. Leave your dossier with the officer.  You can give your phone number to the assistant from the Traffic Takip office.  You may or may not get a phone call saying your licence is ready for collection.  Pay 85TL.

    Go home and relax.

  9. Trafik Takip
    Go there when you estimate your licence is ready for collection, based on the advice the Buro Amirliyi gave you. This is not an error – your licence waits for collection from the Trafik Takip office.
    Collect it. Pay 70TL.

That’s all there is to it.  It took us 6.5 hours the first day, with a lunch-break.  It was 2.5 hours the second day, and much of this was the second visit to the tax office.  It took five minutes on the third day to pick up the licence.

The Bodrum central car-park we used gave us a sort of rolling account as we were in and out like swiss cuckoos on a clock. It was a big mistake to turn up at the hospital without photocopy of the ikamet and without photos. It can probably all be done in a day, and keeping an awareness that some offices such as the Noter close for lunch.