Who Are We?


The newsletter is predominantly written by myself in my spare time, with much valued proof-reading help from my family, and friends. The newsletter is also community driven, and I always encourage readers to submit items to the newsletter - whether it's a simple event, or a full feature (I can only write about what I know about!). My wife and I have been living on the peninsula since February 2008, so often the newsletter represents the things we're learning about as we go. We have two Kangal-mix street dogs; Daisy and Duke, and contrary to popular belief, we're not old and grey!


Being new to the peninsula and of course not speaking a word of Turkish (we're getting better slowly!), we found it hard to find out what was happening across the peninsula and - among other things - to find good, trustworthy businesses. After input from friends and head scratching, we drafted up a couple of ideas (from websites and forums, to printed material), we soon settled on the concept of a regularly emailed newsletter, with the vision of keeping it free to maximise exposure. It didn't take long for the idea to grow into the newsletter that's around now, sections have been added to accommodate reader requests.

The newsletter was established to provide a useful service to its readers, it was not established to make money; any costs we make go towards covering the costs involved with maintaining the Bulletin and associated website.

I hope you continue to enjoy the Bodrum Bulletin, please keep supporting it by reading it, submitting articles, and telling your friends.

Kind regards,


David Good
Editor - Bodrum Bulletin

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